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Your Gate Way to Malaysia's Premier National Park

  Link to Endau Rompin  East (Entry from  Kahang Town)

  Link to Endau Rompin  West (Entry from  Bekok Town )




Articles and pictures courtesy of  Johore Tourism Department Malaysia

The Endau Rompin National Park encompasses the watershed of the rivers Endau in Johor and Rompin in Pahang. It covers some 488 sq. kilometres of forest and is gazetted as the country's second national park. Lush and virtually untouched, it is one of the few remaining lowland forest in the country and possibly the oldest.

Endau Rompin


The diversity ofthe habitats and species found here is of a major conservation significance. In 1985 and 1986, a scientific expedition identified 25 new species of plants within the area and its rocks and hills have been estimated to be 248 million years old. Scientific interest aside, Endau Rompin National Park is the perfect haven for adventure seekers. Its numerous legends and myths handed down through the years add up to its overall appeal.


Flora and Fauna

Lowland Dipterocarp ForestEndau Rompin

The forest abounds with the famous fan palm of the 'Livistona endauensis' variety which is indigenous to the region. Other interesting plants include the 'Rhopa Coblaste', more commonly known as the climbing bamboo, and the walking stick palm or 'Phychorapis Singaporensis', identified byits slender stems and feather like leaf fronds, there are also many varieties of toadstools and orchids



Endau RompinTigers, elephants and wildboar are some of the animals to be found here. The largest surviving population of Sumatran rhinoceros in Peninsular Malaysia is also found within the park. Others include the binturong or bear cat (Arctictis Binturong) and the white handed gibbon, the only ape species in the region.



Birds And Butterflies

Endau Rompin

The forest is also home to the chirping drongos, hornbills and argus pheasant. Butterflies and the fruit piercing months of the genus 'Othreis' can be seen flitting through the trees.




Planning an Itinerary

Endau Rompin

A minimum stay of four days / three nights is ideal in order to cover the many activities and attractions in the park. Special tours may be arranged to cater to a variety of interest such as botany, nature study, and bird watching. Photography adventure seekers would enjoy the challenge of some of the activities to be carried ou here.


Jungle TrekkingEndau Rompin

There are some 26km of jungle trails within the park, the most well trodden path being the grueling 16km trail from the base camp at Kuala Jasin to Batu Hampar and Buaya Sangkut with numerous crossings of fast flowing rivers. At Buaya Sangkut, a waterfall cascading down through five levels presents a spectacular visual delight.


Irresistible Jungle Streams

Endau Rompin

Swim or take a refreshing bath 'kampung style' in the clear cool rivers and streams amidst the tranquillity and serenity of the forest. When you've had enough of frolicking in the water, try your luck at a spot of fishing and reel in your catch for lunch or dinner.




Endau Rompin

Pitch your tents and spend your nights out in the wilds under the stars. The merry chirping of the birds and cicadas in the twilight will make your simple dinner seem like a feast.



Orang Asli Village

Endau Rompin

Endau Rompin is also home to the Orang Asli of the Jakun tribe. Drop byat Kampung Peta near the park entry point and gain valuable insights on Orang Asli culture. Find out how they survive in the wilderness and protect themselves from danger with their hunting and tracking skills. See their recreational activities and listen to their mesmerising yarns about the myths of the surrounding jungle.


Nature Study

Endau Rompin

Given the diverse variety of species and habitats in the area, this can be a very absorbing activity indeed. Inhale the heady perfume of the 'Mussaendra mutabilis', a woody climbing plant with fragrant flowers, used in traditional scents for the hair and clothes. Observe how the famous pitcher plant traps the unwary insect within its enticing waterfilled sacs. See how millions of ants make their homes in tiny chambers within the 'ant'



Bird Watchers Paradise

Bird watching can be another fascinating activity. If you have the patience and endurance to keep still in utter silence, for hours on end, the reward of seeing some beautiful varieties of birdlife can be a joyful experience.




Endau Rompin

Measures have been drawn up to conserve the natural beauty of the Endau-Rompin Forest. It is also home to the endangered Sumatran rhinoceros and conscious efforts have been taken to conserve the existence of this species. Conservation in simple terms means proper management of the forest so that it can be sustained over future time.

The conservationof Endau-Rompin is crucial because it serves as a catchment area for the rivers of Endau and Rompin. Many rare species and plants have also been found here. Because of so many factors, the government has gazetted Endau-Rompin to be the second national park in Malaysia. This ensures the protection and conservation of Endau-Rompin for many years to come.


Volcanic Crystals

Endau Rompin

Quartz crystal ignimbrite can be seen on the surfaced at many points along the rapids of Sungai Endau. Ignimbrite has a spectacular genesis as it is volcanic but not of the lava kind. The formation is known as "ash flow eruption". This is the most violent type of volcanic convulsion. During an eruption, hot gas is released from the earth.

The high temperature gas carries sand-sized crystals of quartz and shards of glass, fragments of pumice and larger pieces of pre-existing rock. Eventually the heavier particles would begun to settle, after retaining enough heat to weld themselves together.





The Endau-Rompin landscape is a contiguous area of hilly sandstone-capped country with lush vegetation that is virtually untouched. The area contains a unique assemblage of tropical lowland and hill forest with pristine rivers and varied wildlife.

Endau RompinEndau Rompin


Park Regulation


All visitors are required to report to the officer on duty at the Registration Centre in Kampung Peta.

There will be a short briefing at the Registration Centre.

Entrance and other prescribed fees are collected. All items and belongings are inspected bythe officer on duty.

Visitors are not allowed to overstay beyond the specified period.

All visitors are required to engage the registered guides of the National Parks Corporation.

Visitors who wish to hire boat services can inquire from the officer on duty.

Visitors are prohibited to make unnecessary noise while in the park to avoid disturbance to the wildlife.

All empty cans, surplus food and rubbish have to be taken out of the park, and disposed at designated disposal areas.

Access into the park is only allowed through the specified entrances as determined bythe National Park.

No fishing or angling is allowed in the park except at specified areas and period.

Bathing and swimming are only allowed at specified areas - swimmers must be in decent swimming attire.

The National Parks Corporation disclaims responsibility for any mishap, accident or loss of belongings to any visitor while in the park.

Visitors are strictly forbidden from :

1. Bringing into the park any machinery, weapon, explosive, trap, poison or dangerous item.

2. Hunting, killing, hurting, trapping, or disturbing any flora / fauna, habitat or destroying birds nests and eggs.

3. Chopping, hurting, destroying or burning plants and objects which have geological, archaeological, historical and scientific importance.

4. Carrying into or purposely allowing reared animals entering into the park.

5. Displacing or moving any animals or plants out of the park, dead or alive.

6. Displacing or moving out of the park any minerals or objects of geological, archaeological, historical or scientific importance.

7. Destroying or incapacitating any living or dead objects in the park.

8. Erecting any building in the park.

9. Visitors to the park are warned that they are liable to be prosecuted in the event they are found to have contravened any of the park regulations


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