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Haunted House Tour 



If you have some time to spare

let us give you a scare

If you are afraid of ghosts, Please Exit HERE

The Spookster Haunted House Tour brings you to some sites in Kuala Lumpur reputed to be haunted.

Information on some local Malaysian superstitions will also be presented during the  tour.


  The 2-hour  tour is conducted nightly. Ghosts get beauty sleep during the day

  A minimum of 4 persons per booking for each tour. Ghostly passengers are not welcome 

  Individual need to be at least 18 and above to join this tour. Those older  than 150 years are entitled

        to ghost discounts

  Pregnant ladies or  those with weak hearts and any health problems are not welcome. The ghosts 

       don't like competition.

  Cameras (photo or video) not allowed. Ghosts hate paparazzi.

  Spooksters will not be responsible for any untoward incidents. We don't know any ghosts 

        personally,  and neither should you

  Tour charges of RM 168.00 per person applies. Ghosts don't like garlic, monopoly or plastic    

        money, but love fresh blood.

  Ghosts don't give refunds or discounts. RM 30.00 minimum charge applies for no shows.



Ghosts need at least 24-hours advance notice to prepare to receive guests,  and reserve the right to reject anyone without giving any reasons whatsoever.

  Meeting point & 1st stop

Bangsar Seafood Village, KL (steamboat dinner)
Food is an integral part of Asian life for protection against the supernatural. The sharing of communal food helps facilitate group protection during the tour. And this is the last point at which you can back out (full fare charge still applies)

  2nd Stop

Indian Temple (Mid-Valley City)
Spiritual belief governs many aspects of the  construction industry in Asia, including steps needed to be taken to appease spirits  before during & after any development activity. Come view a tree believed to have been blessed bythe Gods that resulted in a whole shopping complex having to be built around it

  3rd Stop

Chinese Cemetery (Seputeh)
Given the right circumstances, you can see, hear & feel the spirits which call this place home. And here, you can appeal to their better natures to seek their blessing and for lucky lottery or 4D numbers

  4th Stop

Pudu Prison
Hauntings are normal in any prison, as are demonic activity bythose really desperate to  escape. The true melting pot of all spiritual beliefs 

  5th Stop

Pontianak Den
Located in a very exclusive area of KL, the Asian vampires are very protective of their haunts such that locks and security systems pale in comparison

  6th Stop

Old Railway Station
A place where you don't want to actually see a ghost - famous for suicide leaps in olden days and where many have unintentionally invited spirits to accompany them on trips

  End Point

Bangsar Seafood Village, KL
Final cleansing to ensure no spirits follow you home 

* Pickup & drop off at selected hotels in KL possible for 4 pax & more


Dressing: No shorts or slippers. Female dressing should not overly expose flesh
Minimum Age: 18 years, children aged 10 and above allowed if accompanied byadult
Minimum pax: 2 pax per trip
Maximum pax: 7 pax per trip
Bring along: 1 bottle pure (distilled or mineral) water & sweater (it can get very cold!)
Group bookings: Minimum 15 pax, maximum 40 pax - advance notice of 5 working days required

Answer to the Pop Quiz will be provided on the Spooksters Haunted House Tour

1)  How do Chinese respond when their house and / or property is unexpectedly flooded ?

A. Move to higher ground

B. Conduct prayers to chase away bad spirits

C. Take it as a sign that good fortune is imminent

D. Take it as a sign to seek new spouses



2) Why do Indians have mirrors or reflective surfaces at their front and back doors ?

A. To better light the interiors

B. Vanity check before leaving home

C. To reflect away bad fortune and spirits

D. One way mirrors to peek at neighbours



3) When do Malays believe ghosts and spirits start prowling ?

A. In the morning, just before sunrise

B. At noon, before lunch

C. In the evening, just after sunset

D. Anytime the in-laws come by



Declaration Form distributed and need to be signed before the tour

I hereby declare and agree that  :

  • I have never been previously possessed or am predisposed to be possessed byany ghosts
  • I will not allow any of my previous lives or reincarnations to surface during or after this tour 
  • I am in perfect health and do not have any existing health conditions that may in any way be affected bythis tour
  • I will not hold responsible Spooksters and any of its staff, assigns or associated parties for any injury to my bodily and/or spiritual self during and as a result of this tour, I will only hold the ghosts or spirits responsible 
  • I will not sue or undertake any legal action (civil, criminal or otherwise) against Spooksters and any of its staff, assigns or associated parties unless prior written permission is obtained from the spirit or ghost responsible for such cause of legal action, and such written permission must be accepted bythe Courts of Law in Malaysia
  • Promotional material can be provided to my e-mail address as and when such promotions are held bySpooksters and its partners, assigns or associated parties.
  • No requests for refunds or discounts will be entertained once the Tour has begun.
  • My alternate selves, personalities, reincarnations, family, relatives, friends and enemies will be bound bymy declaration and agreement. 
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Haunted House Tour

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  White Water River Rafting 

Jeram Besu - Pahang

RM 230

Sungai Selangor  - Near Kuala Lumpur West Malaysia

RM 230

Sungai Itek/ Sungai Kampar

RM 230

Sedim River - Kedah

RM 180

Kiulu River Rafting - Sabah

RM 175

Padas River Rafting - Sabah

RM 200


  • Rates quoted in Malaysian Ringgit subject to 10 % service charge & 4.5 % e-commerce charge for credit card payments.
  • The Management reserve the rights to Amend the tour itinerary should any unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • The above rates valid from 1st April 2005 until further notice & subject to change.

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