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Welcome to  Batam Island - Indonesia

Hotels List in Batam

Batam View Beach Resort

Bumi Nusantara Hotel

Harris Resort Batam

Turi Beach Resort




Batam Island is situated at 1 07' North latitude and 10407' East longitude and on the trade channel and very dense voyage lanes.

Batam Island has been known since hundred years ago, since the Malaya Kingdom period. In the history of Malaya, Batam Island played a very important role, it was here that Admiral Hang Nadim placed his fight against the Portuguese in 1511-1528. Now the greatness of the name Hang Nadim is eternalized as the name of the International Airport of Batam Island.

During the Dutch colonialism, about the seventeenth and eighteenth century, Batam Island also played the important role, Here in the past Malaya Kingdom Fleet placed its base fighting the Dutch.

Eventhough Batam Island has been known since past and although Lieutenant General (retired) Dr. H. Ibnu Sutowo, during his position of as Director of Pertamina in 1969 desired to make Batam Island the Singapore of Indonesia, but this Island became popular since it was stipulated as Industrial region, bonded it area, ship transit, trade, and tourism in 1973.



Batam Island is strategically located at the cross-road of international shipping and close to major Asian markets. It has the potential to be a main gate for international and in the year future. Batam is located 20 km to the south east of Singapore, a short 45 minutes ferry ride from the island republic. It has a land area or 415 or two thirds the size of Singapore

Do not forget to bring souvenir back. Batam has inexpensive duty free shopping, handicraft and souvenir shops available within your reach while stay in Batam. Most attractions, and more entertainment will found in Batam Island, so stay in Batam will never bored  nor uninteresting

No Visa Required
Foreigners holding travel documents issued bythe following countries are granted entry to Indonesia without visa

1. Brunei Darussalam

2. Chile

3. Hong Kong SAR

4. Macau

5. Malaysia

6. Morocco

7. Peru

8. Phillippines

9. Singapore

10. Thailand

11. Vietnam


Visa on Arrival
The government of Indonesia has imposed "Visa on Arrival" Policy for 36 countries with effect from 1st August 2005

Foreigners holding travel documents issued bythe following countries may apply a visa on arrival to enter Indonesia

1. Argentina 10. Finland 19. Luxemburg 28. Russia
2. Australia 11. France 20. Maldives 29. Saudi Arabia
3. Austria 12. Germany 21. New Zealand 30. Spain
4. Belgium 13. Hungary 22. Norway 31. South Africa
5. Brazil 14. Italy 23. Oman 32. South Korea
6. Britain 15. Ireland 24. Poland 33. Switzerland
7. Canada 16. India 25. Portugal 34. Taiwan
8. Denmark 17. Japan 26. Qatar 35. UAE
9. Egypt 18. Kuwait 27. PRC 36. USA
Visa on Arrival Charges
  7 days or less (6 nights' stay)   USD 10
  more than 7 days   USD 25
  overstay (per day)   USD 20

Visa Required
Foreigners holding travel documents issued bythe other countries not listed above have to apply visa at the Indonesian Embassy at their respective country of residence.


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