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    Paintball Team Building

Paintball has proven to be an extremely popular activity for corporate events, as well as other types of group days out, because paintball is excellent for team building. Paintball is designed to engage a team in an activity which demands various skills and techniques.

      In working together to combat the opponent, a paintball team develops communication skills, planning, cooperation, decision-making and effective use of resources. In this way, the consolidation of a team throughout a paintball game proves to be one of the best team-building activities. This new approach to facilitation and experiential education combines the thrilling experience of a paintball game with the sequenced facilitation of an educational adventure.

Before beginning play, each person is outfitted with coveralls, face mask, and CO2-powered marker which uses marble-sized, water-soluble paintballs. A referee explains the safety rules, and then instructs the teams in a variety of incredibly fun and challenging games that will focus on your groups stated goals. Team Paintball is excellent for developing advanced problem solving skills, communication, and group coordination.

Paintball is a competitive game played like any other competitive game, to win. It is like a more challenging, high-stakes version of tag, hide-and-seek, or capture the flag. Because you shoot at other people (and get shot at!), paintball requires specific equipment (goggles, a gun/marker, pressurized gas, and paintballs). Beyond that, paintball is hard to describe. It can be played indoors or out, with as few as two people or as many as 500; a game can last 5 minutes or 24 hours; it’s objective might be to take something, bring something, find something, or to simply be the last person standing.

Depending on the game play you play, tactics will be vary as well -- from being quiet and sneaky and picking your shots carefully, to being loud, fast, and shooting constantly. A paintball game can be different every time, but there’s one thing that stays the same: it’s an adrenaline rush.


Paintball is one of the safest action sports in the world today. It is a sport anyone can play. It teaches safety, teamwork, problem solving and decision making. We  provides all players with proper training and the latest safety equipment before being allowed onto the field. Our experienced staff ensure safe, fare and fun play.

Whether you are an interested individual, a group of friends looking for some adventure, or a corporate team, all are welcome.

Paintball are also used for different purposes like:

  • Management Training
  • Team Building
  • Engendering Team Spirit & Initiative.
  • Assessing Leadership Qualities.
  • Improving Staff communication.
  • Client/Staff Entertainment or Outing
  • Inter Company/Department/Branch Challenges
  • Company Outing/Family Day
  • and Most Important!!! NON STOP FUN

History of Paintball

Paintball is a fast growing sport played bymen , women and children of all ages and various walks of life

Each player will be equipped with semi-automatic paintgun powered bycarbon dioxide air system that shoots the paintball to a distance of 150-250 feet. The paintball or pellets is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with colored liquid inside it. The colored liquid is non toxic, non caustic, water soluble and biodegradable. The paintball will burst upon contact and leaves a bright paint mark and ones who are marked are considered eliminated.

Paintball are considered one of the safest outdoor sports and an extreme games for all walks of life. Paintball are played from age of 12 – 60.

FIRST PLAYED in 1981, the sport of paintball has become recognized as one of the world's most exciting indoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 60 countries. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association reports 7.1 million players in the U.S. During the week ending October 28, 2001, pain" was the sixth most popular search term on e-Bay more popular than digital cameras and World Series tickets.

What is Paintball?

In 15 short years, the sport of paintball has become recognized as one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports. Paintball is played in over 40 countries bymillions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. Whether homemakers or high-school students, professionals or retirees, all paintball players share in common a love for adventure and a strong competitive spirit.

Capture the Flag

Paintball is a combination of the childhood games "tag" and "hide & seek," but is much more challenging and sophisticated. Although there are many different game formats, typically a group of players will divide into two teams to play "capture the flag." The number of players on each team can vary from one or two, five or seven or ten, to over 1,000 on a side, limited only bythe size of the playing field.

The object of the game is to go out and capture the other team's flag while protecting your own. While you are trying to capture a flag, you also try to eliminate opposing players bytagging them with a paintball expelled from a special airgun called a "paintgun." Games run from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of the field and the number of players.

Between games, players take a break to check their equipment, get more paintballs and have a snack or soda while they share stories about the thrills of victory and the usually funny agonies of defeat. Win or lose, everyone has a good time and there's usually the next game waiting for you.


 A paintball is a round, thin-skinned gelatin capsule with colored liquid inside it. Paintballs are similar to large round vitamin capsules or bath oil beads. The fill inside paintballs is non-toxic, non-caustic, water-soluable and biodegradable. It rinses out of clothing and off skin with mild soap and water.

Paintballs come in a rainbow of bright colors: blue, pink, white, orange, yellow and more. When a paintball tags a player, the thin gelatin skin splits open, and the liquid inside leaves a bright "paint" mark. A player who is marked is eliminated from the game.


Paintguns, also called "markers," come in a variety of shapes and styles as you see in this special "paintgun roundup" issue [ed. APG 12/96 issue]. They may be powered bycarbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) or compressed air. Many have power systems that use large refillable cylinders called "tanks" or "bottles" that give hundreds of shots before needing to be refilled. Some use small 12 gram CO2 powerlets as their power source, each powerlet being good for 15 to 30 shots.

With pump-action paintguns (pumpguns), each time you want to shoot a paintball you first cock the paintgun byusing a pump, then you squeeze the trigger to shoot the paintball; you must recock the paintgun before you can shoot again. Stockguns, using 12-grams, have the most basic pumpgun configuration (though they are becoming ever-more high-tech within the constraints of the configuration) and stock gun play is in a class of its own.

 With semi-automatic paintguns, the first time you want to shoot you must cock the paintgun (usually bypulling back a cocking knob or handle), but after you shoot the first paintball the paintgun's action will recock the paintgun for you; you simply squeeze the trigger each time you want to shoot a paintball.

With a full-auto paintgun, when you squeeze the trigger for the first time, the 'gun will begin to shoot paintballs and will keep on shooting paintballs as long as you keep squeezing the trigger; when you release the trigger, the 'gun will stop shooting.

Paintguns range from simple to sophisticated, but what they all share in common is a limitation on their power and range. The international safety limit on the speed (measured in feet per second, "FPS") at which a paintgun shoots a paintball is 300 fps. A chronograph is used to test for speed limits, and all paintguns can be adjusted to shoot under the speed limit. A paintgun's range is limited, too; even shooting 300 fps, at maximum elevation with barrel pointed up into the air, a paintgun can lob a paintball only about 50 yards.


For safety, paintball players always must wear goggles specifically designed for paintball to protect their eyes. Goggles must be worn during a game and at all times when a person is in an area where shooting is permitted, such as the target range or chronograph area. A protective facemask is mandatory nearly everywhere, and should be worn regardless. Paintball is a very safe sport as long as safety rules are followed. Insurance statistics have shown that paintball is safer than golf, jogging, tennis, swimming and many other sports.

Referees on the field enforce safety and game rules. No physical contact is permitted in the game, and players are ejected from games or the playsite for breaking safety or playing rules. Fields have boundaries, and a player who steps outside a field's boundary is eliminated from that game.

The Game

Paintball is a sport played bypeople from all professions and lifestyles. It is a sport where women and men compete equally, and where age is not dominated byyouth. Like a game of chess, being able to think quickly and decisively is what makes you a star in paintball. Intelligence and determination, not merely strength, speed or agility, are key to success in the sport.

Paintball is a character-building sport. Players learn about teamwork, gain self-confidence and develop leadership abilities while having fun and getting welcome stress-relief. Increasingly, corporations are finding the benefits of having their staff and management participate in paintball games.

Paintball is an exciting sport, and above all paintball is fun! It's a chance to shake off your day-to-day responsibilities and rekindle your spirit of adventure. When the adrenaline starts pumping, you can't help but love the thrill of the game!


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